5 Movies About Cats

While dogs are more frequent on the ‘big screen’, we can also find movies about cats more than interesting and entertaining. Whether cartoons or felines ‘of flesh and blood’, we tell you what are the films that you can not miss.

What movies about cats are recommended?

The pets can star in thousands of adventures in the presence or absence of their owners. Therefore, these films about cats are ideal for lovers of these wonderful beings who accompany us day after day.

1. The cat with boots

The puss in boots – image that heads this article – won all the applause in the movie Shrek and, therefore, decided to create a film that had him as the protagonist. His original name is Puss in boots and the voice has been interpreted by the Malaga actor Antonio Banderas.

While it was not a blockbuster, The Puss in Boots is a very good idea to spend a fun family afternoon while we know the adventures of this feline swordsman.

2. Garfield

Who can say that he doesn’t know this beautiful orange cat whose main passion is food and that he spends hours and hours sleeping? In addition, along with the dog Odie star in thousands of adventures and muddles.

It is undoubtedly one of the best movies about cats and there are different versions, with the protagonist ‘true’ or in cartoons. Also in a serial format with short chapters. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the adventures of this Persian cat with short hair.

3. The adventures of Chatrán

Another orange cat that stars in a story rather than emotional. The original title of this film is Koneko Monogatari and was created in Japan in 1986. It tells the story of a feline of the Barcino breed, whose mother was calico, who lived on a farm and had a Pug dog as a friend.

Chatrán was playing hide and seek and gets into a box, which is dragged by the river’s current. His faithful friend, Bousquet, follows him and between the two they begin a new life away from their families.

4. The cat that came from space

One of the films about cats somewhat delusional, as its name makes us to the idea, which was filmed in 1978, but still valid if we want to enjoy a somewhat vintage cinema to put it in some way.

The premise of this story is basic: a cat arrives from space – it is extraterrestrial – and has the power to communicate with humans. After descending from his spaceship, he is adopted by a scientist, hoping to help him return to his planet.

5. A stray cat named Bob

This film comes from the book of the same name, which tells the story of a street musician named James and a cat he found on the street, whom he baptized as Bob and became his best friend.

It all happened in 2007; the musician James Bowen takes home an injured stray cat and begins to take care of him. But what the artist did not know was that the orange feline would be in charge of ‘saving’ him from his drug addiction.

Throughout the film you can laugh out loud, you will cry inconsolably, you will realize that you are not the only ‘lover’ of cats and perhaps the initial kick to help street kittens.

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