5 Reasons to Choose a Mongrel Cat

Whether they are common or of race, the minions usually stand out for their grace, curiosity, intelligence, agility, hygiene and for a certain enigmatic air. But from My Animals, we want to highlight the reasons for choosing a mongrel cat, one that does not meet the standards set by breeders and lacks demonstrable pedigree.

Why choose a mongrel cat

Is it in your plans to incorporate a meowing pet into your life? Congratulations. But, in addition to reminding you that you must be absolutely responsible for the animal and seek all the care and good treatment it deserves, we want to propose that you consider choosing a mongrel cat.

Breeds of domestic cats there are many, it is known. And man insists on creating more and more. These cats are particularly beautiful or call attention to certain characteristics (lack of hair, tailor short legs, curly fur, etc).

But having so much homeless cat, isn’t it better to opt for a beautiful and original half-breed puss? There are many of these animals waiting for an opportunity in shelters or living in the streets. We tell you, then, the reasons to prefer them. We assure you that you will not regret it.

Reasons to choose a mongrel cat there are many. We tell you ours with the hope that you decide to adopt one of these original, affectionate and intelligent mines.

-Unique and unrepeatable

Although it is well known that each cat is a world, the specimens of the same breed are similar to each other, both physically and behaviorally. In contrast, mongrel cats tend not to look alike or have certain characteristics that make them unique.

If you look closely you will see that, although many are similar to the naked eye, they have details that make them original. It can be some particular stain or drawing on the fur, the way of walking, the meowing, etc. Pay attention and you will discover wonders.

-Healthy and long-lived

Being animals that were not selectively bred, they usually do not suffer from diseases of genetic origin such as those of some breeds. For this same reason, your immune system is stronger.

The multiple natural crossings make them resistant mines and enjoy good health. And if they have a good quality of life, they can be long-lived animals, and some specimens can exceed two decades.

-Loving and grateful

If you decide to give home, affection, and care to a mongrel cat, you will see how he thanks you very much. With a little patience, the pussy will easily adapt to your new home. And soon it will become a spoiled family.

On the other hand, common domestic felines are usually also calmer and have great intelligence. In addition, they are usually very attached to their owners and give them permanent signs of affection.

-It is better to adopt than to buy

From My Animals, we do not miss the opportunity to recommend the adoption of pets. It is more than good if you want to spend good money buying a copy of a particular cat breed, which is unlikely to be found in a shelter.

But it should be clear that animals are not trophies or display objects. And much less a fashion attraction that can be discarded in the next season. The love that a pet can give you, of course, is not measured by its pedigree.

-You discourage illegal breeding

By choosing a mongrel cat, in addition to seeking a new opportunity for an abandoned animal, you are contributing to discourage illegal hatcheries. It is well known that the pet business leads to all kinds of stumbling. If you still choose to buy a racecar, choose reliable and recognized hatcheries.

And remember that, adopt or buy, you are taking responsibility for the animal. This implies, in addition to the good treatment, to provide you with a good diet, veterinary care, a comfortable and clean space, and all the care that contributes to the mining having a happy and healthy life.

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