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On the market, you will find many types of dog collars of all sizes that will adapt perfectly to the size of your beloved dog. Obviously, choose them based on the physical characteristics of your 4-legged friend. Britta’s picks of the best collars for pitbulls.

For example, if you have to buy collars for small dogs then it is better to choose light and soft tones, so as not to weigh down and tire the little one and not to ruin his delicate coat.

Instead, collars for medium-sized dogs can vary much more in materials, then obviously it always depends on the breed. If you are talking about a dog that still has good strength and endurance then it is good to opt for a strong and safe collar as well as for large dogs. Especially for the latter, the choice must be very thoughtful do not underestimate its strength, if you choose an unsuitable collar they could even break it.

However, there are so many models, so don’t worry that for sure you will buy the perfect one for you and your dog.

Dog Collar Materials

There are various types of collars on the market, of different materials. Each has specific characteristics that we must evaluate when buying. Let’s see the main ones:

Leather collar

It is a very resistant collar that lasts over time. It may feel stiff and stiff at first, but over time it will soften upon contact with the dog’s skin.

It is suitable for dogs with short or medium hair, while there are rounded ones for those with long hair. Surely the leather collar is one of the noblest accessories a dog can have.

It is an important object that determines the connection with the owner. The leather collar features a buckle for closure and is sold to fit the neck of your four-legged friend.

But what features should the leather collar have? First of all, the skin must be thick without cracks and cuts, and in no case too hard.

Buckles and rings must be tight. As previously mentioned, the collar must have a tag with the dog’s name and address.

But how to take the right measures to the dog so as not to make mistakes? To measure a collar correctly, you need to measure the circumference of the dog’s neck.

Nylon collar

It is resistant to the most varied climatic conditions, from rain to excessive heat. This collar is ideal for strong and agitated dogs. Of course, you can easily buy it in size, but it still allows for the ease of a minimum adjustment.

Thanks to the material used for the construction of this collar, the clip closure, and the corpulent appearance allow your dog to interact without limiting his movements.

Its design is simple and elegant at the same time. This accessory can be used for service dogs or as the usual collar for walking.

The high quality of the material guarantees the object in question comfort for the dog as well as durability over the years. The nylon collar can be used for small, medium, and large dogs.

If the dog is still a puppy (and therefore will tend to grow) you must realize that after a certain period of time, the collar will become tight.

There are also collars suitable for night walks. Thanks and the reflective strips your dog will always be visible, even in total darkness.

Chain collar

The chain collars are now just a fashion accessory. In fact, it no longer makes much sense to use this type of material if not to give a more “wild” and “hard” look to your dog. It is also often used in beauty competitions.

There are different types, with larger or finer meshes based on the size of the dog. In some, you will also find spikes (facing outwards) to give the dog a more aggressive appearance.

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