This Is What Your Cat Hates

Since we lived with pets, we have noticed over time that there are many similarities between our tastes and theirs, such as in food or lying on the couch. In addition to this, we have also noticed that there are other things that our pets do not support, do you want to know what your cat hates? What your cat hates with all its might Once we talk about some Read more

The 6 Rarest Behaviors of Cats and Their Why

Cats have always seemed mysterious beings to us, and on many occasions, it seems that we don’t understand each other. We remind you what are the rarest behaviors of cats so you can understand yourself better with your cat. What are the rarest behaviors of cats Between the mystery that cats contain and their illogical movements, it is possible that understanding you with your cat becomes an odyssey.  We reveal Read more

What Do I Do If My Cat Has Been Poisoned

Unfortunately, pet poisoning is the order of the day. There has been much news that we have heard about dogs and cats that have happened to them, and this is the result of hatred that some feel for animals. If you have a cat, and leaves and enters the house, you may see yourself in this situation. Then you will ask yourself: “What do I do if my cat has Read more