How to Prepare the Arrival of a Second Cat Home

When it has been decided to take a second cat home, it is important to organize a healthy transition for the first pussy that was already there. In general, cats are independent and territorial animals, who tend to take care of their spaces with zeal. Thus,  the arrival of a new member must be a slow and planned process.

The help that pet owners can offer will be key to establishing the coexistence between the two animals. The first cat should not feel that the new member is a threat or comes to replace him; On the contrary, it is someone who will be part of the family and will be your company.

A bad experience of adaptation between two cats can cause episodes of aggression and attack; inappropriate behaviors can also be triggered, such as urinating or defecating anywhere or causing house escapes.

When is the time to take a second cat home?

Before adopting a new cat, it is important to make sure that it is a good idea. Cases in which a new adoption is recommended have to do with the routine of the owners.

  1. If the cat spends much of his time alone. In cases where owners leave home early and return late, a companion for the little cat is a good idea. Although cats are considered solitary, the reality is that they value coexistence and game times very much.
  2. If the house cat is young and healthy. When an adult cat lives at home, he may not welcome the arrival of a second cat. Among other things, because it already has its customs and routines well internalized. The same goes for a sick cat, who will prefer moments of calm to new experiences.
  3. If the cat has lived in a pack or is accustomed to the company. Before adopting a second cat it is important to know the origins of the one who lives at home. If the first cat was separated from his family before three months, he may not be interested in the company, since he has not had previous interactions with other cats.

What kind of cat will be the best company?

There are no indications that cats of the same breed give better adaptation results than others. In principle, the breed should not be an imperative condition for selecting the second house cat.

The success of the acceptance of both animals will be directly related to the measures taken by the owners. Keep in mind that, in cases where the house cat is male and the new female, the adaptation is faster. The same is true if they are sterilized males or if both are female.

Other success stories have also occurred when the house cat is an adult and the newcomer, a puppy. The first will assume the role of a tutor, while the little one will make it easy to follow the rules of the house cat.

Recommendations for the arrival of a second cat home

  1. Delimitation of spaces. The first thing to do when taking a second cat home is to confine it to space; The recommended is a room adapted to your needs, without contact with the house cat. This space will allow you to familiarize yourself with the new owners and their surroundings.
  2. Customize the utensils. Each animal must have its own litter box, food dispenser, and drinking fountain. Both in the stage of adaptation and coexistence.
  3. Introduce the smells. A recommended technique is to impregnate a garment with the smell of the second cat and give it to the house cat. In this way, you can get to know the smell of your new partner and get used to the new company. The same technique should be applied to the newcomer.
  4. Allow eye contact. Once each cat has become familiar with the smell of the other, first eye contact should be encouraged. If everything goes well, the first day the first interaction can be allowed.

The time required for each stage will depend on each cat; To ensure a successful adaptation process, animal observation is essential. Before any sign of aggression, fear or discomfort, it will be better to start over.

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