The 5 Most Majestic Cat Breeds

Cats are much appreciated both for their curious and independent personality and for their elegance. The athletic and aristocratic aspect of certain breeds leads many owners to go to hatcheries to have the perfect pet. These are the five most majestic cat breeds.

The Bengal, an exotic feline hybrid

The International Feline Federation (FIFe) classifies this breed in category 3. It is the result of a  cross between a domestic cat and the so-called ‘leopard cat’, a breed of Asian origin characterized by its tabby mantle.

The Bengal, of scientific name  Prionailurus bengalensis, has a feral appearance that combines very well with its affectionate personality, typical of domestic cats.

Many mention that he can behave like a dog, since he tends to follow his owner everywhere and, unlike other cats, he is a great swimmer.

The Bengal cat standard dictates that its tail should be mottled, as well as its abdomen. The color of his eyes is usually golden, brown or green.

The Korat, a relic of Asia

Another of the most majestic cat breeds is the Korat. Originally from Thailand, manuscripts dating from the fourteenth century have been found describing this magnetic animal. Despite its antiquity, the International Feline Federation (FIFe) did not recognize this breed until 1980. It is now classified in category 3.

This medium-large cat is characterized by its gray coat with short hair and the bluish, sometimes greenish color of its eyes. This breed is of natural origin, that is, in its origin, there was no human intervention whatsoever. This cat is especially active since it is used to running, jumping and hunting in the middle of nature.

The majestic Persian

Classified in category 1 by the FIFe, the Persian is a cat characterized by its abundant fur, its graceful flat nose and the striking width of its skull. This breed is small in size, but its body is strong and robust, and its abundant fur makes the animal appear larger than it is.

Coming from the city of Jorasán, they passed through the families of the Italian, English and French nobility. This exclusive trajectory has given this breed a reputation as an exclusive and aristocratic cat. Their owners usually choose this breed for both the pedigree and the temperament, since we are facing one of the quietest cat breeds.

The magnetism of the peculiar Sphynx or sphinx cat

Loved and hated in equal parts for its peculiar lack of hair, the sphinx cat is characterized by the triangular shape of its head and having a totally different appearance from the rest of the felines. Linked to ancient Egypt, the current breed, however, was not recognized by the FIFe until 2002, which classifies it in its category 4.

Due to its lack of hair, this breed of cat has a temperature higher than the rest of its congeners, although if we have one at home we should also consider covering this animal with some type of garment that isolates it from the cold.

This cat requires a lot of care, not only for the fragility of its skin but for its highly dependent personality. The rarity of this breed also makes them very expensive.

Meet the Cornish rex, an athletic English cat

Classified in category 4 by the FIFe, the Cornish Rex is a breed of the cat very muscular, slender and proportionate. Its peculiar wavy mantle and different colors, including orange-brown, together with its athletic complexion, makes this breed out of the norm and resembles even greyhounds.

An accidental genetic mutation was responsible for the curly fur so characteristic of this breed. As a pet, he enjoys the company of people and is quite active. Its legs, long and thin, give it a majestic appearance, which combines with funny ears slightly larger than average.

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