The 6 Rarest Behaviors of Cats and Their Why

Cats have always seemed mysterious beings to us, and on many occasions, it seems that we don’t understand each other. We remind you what are the rarest behaviors of cats so you can understand yourself better with your cat.

What are the rarest behaviors of cats

Between the mystery that cats contain and their illogical movements, it is possible that understanding you with your cat becomes an odyssey.  We reveal the mystery of some of these gestures, which will allow you to speak the ‘cat language’.

Rub against each other

It is very likely that you will see your cat rubbing against another when they see each other, even if it is the first time they do. It’s his way of saying “I’m glad to see you” and, thanks to his olfactory glands, which are on their faces, they can get to know each other more thoroughly. This gesture is also done when you get home, although as they do not reach your face, they will do it on your leg as a general rule.

Run like crazy

Surely more than once it happened to you to be quiet on your sofa sitting and, suddenly, seeing your cat go from one place to another like crazy. One of the reasons may be an excess of energy that the animal wants and needs to expel from its body, and it does so in this way. It is something that usually occurs in younger cats.

Although this is usually the main reason, a flea bite or any other parasite could also be the cause of these uncontrolled runs. However, if you think that your cat does these races more than usual, maybe you should visit a veterinarian because there is the known feline hyperesthesia syndrome, a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder that needs medical attention.

Lick our head

We do not understand, but every time our cat has a chance, he climbs near our head and licks our hair, why? This gesture is based on the memory of when cats were babies and their mother groomed them.

Also for this memory, they do it with other cats. It is as if they confirm the love they feel and that they belong to the family. That is what your cat wants to transmit to you by licking your head.

Hide your limbs

When cats sit on the ground, they usually hide the paws under their body.  They do it to ‘snuggle up’ and, in this way, be able to achieve the ideal temperature for their body. It could resemble when we cross our arms when feeling cold.

Remove sand from the sandbox

Surely every time you see your cat do this you wonder what happens to him, and what reason he has to do it. This is nothing more than a hobby, like that of dogs to spin before doing their needs.

There are cats that are very careful and go to the sandbox without ‘making noise’, while others prefer to turn everything upside down. If yours belongs to the latter, we can only tell you a couple of things: bad luck and patience.

Eat the plants

For pot lovers, having your cat eat the plants is not a good taste dish. But why do cats have this hobby? Well, they do not do it for the pleasure of destroying them, much less, it is simply because they find them attractive and go for them.

Even so, be careful with the plants you have at home since many are poisonous to cats. Try to plant some suitable for them and, if possible, catnip, which brings them enormous benefits.

These are some of the rarest behaviors of cats and also the most common. Knowing them will help you better understand your cat and strengthen your bond.

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