This Is What Your Cat Hates

Since we lived with pets, we have noticed over time that there are many similarities between our tastes and theirs, such as in food or lying on the couch. In addition to this, we have also noticed that there are other things that our pets do not support, do you want to know what your cat hates?

What your cat hates with all its might

Once we talk about some foods and some odors that your cat does not support, but this time we will focus on other types of issues, such as the following:

A dirty litter box

Everyone is known fanaticism for the hygiene of cats. In fact, this is such that they clean themselves. Just as cats love to be clean, they demand that everything that belongs to them is also clean, and this includes their litter box.

In fact, if your cat noticed that the sandbox does not have proper hygiene, it could even start defecating outside it. It is possible, moreover, to ‘tell you’ to clean it; He would go first to you, then to his box, and then back to you.

You ignore it

Ironies of life … Cats are independent but can not, and no matter how many times you call them: if they do not want pampering or anything from you, they will not go. However, when they look for you, if you ignore them, start meditating on what you just did.

Cats are spiteful and, when they feel ignored, they are able to spend days ignoring you; They will even stop eating if necessary. If in the end, how much harder they seem, more tender they are. Of course, when they want.

Bad memories

It seems that feline memory is not selective, much less, and especially good in what has to do with unpleasant memories. Bad experiences remain etched in your mind and you are not able to forget them. Hard things like the death of another pet or a family member can mark them forever.

They can also influence less serious things, such as a visit to the veterinarian or a move. In such situations, it is more necessary than ever to hug, comfort and pamper your pussy.


Obviously, who likes medicines? Well, for your cat they are even more unpleasant, especially if they are pills. Some even have the ability to eat the feed and throw it away if they find it mixed with their food.

Studies have shown that cats can house the pills in the esophagus with the intention of not swallowing them. In fact, most of the esophagitis suffered in felines is caused by this reason.

Abrupt caresses

Very fast caresses without any prelude are not well accepted by many animals; It is also one of the things that your cat hates. You know how independent they are, they live in their world, calm and relaxed, so feeling a hand on their body suddenly is not to their liking.

If you want to pet your cat, of course, you can do it, but always with delicacy and without being caught off guard.

Another cat

Although they are not as much as dogs, cats are also territorial animals. That is why they will hardly accept the arrival of a new cat home.

This does not mean that it should happen in 100% of cases, but there is a high probability that this is the case. If you have a cat and want to include another one at home, be sure to follow the necessary steps, so they don’t fight when they meet.


We could not finish this article without talking about the thing most hated by your cat: water. For years, it has been used to separate two cats that fight or to calm an angry one. And it is effective because it is one of the things that your cat hates.

Maybe that’s why they clean themselves, as they avoid showers. Never use water to scare your cat; remember that they are spiteful and that they will remember …

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