5 Reasons to Choose a Mongrel Cat

Whether they are common or of race, the minions usually stand out for their grace, curiosity, intelligence, agility, hygiene and for a certain enigmatic air. But from My Animals, we want to highlight the reasons for choosing a mongrel cat, one that does not meet the standards set by breeders and lacks demonstrable pedigree. Why choose a mongrel cat Is it in your plans to incorporate a meowing pet into Read more

Which Is the Quietest Cat

Before adopting a pet, it is important to ensure that we welcome an individual who can get used to our lifestyle. A more dynamic person, who enjoys an active routine, may prefer a more energetic dog or cat. On the contrary, a person with less time available or a lover of calm usually gets along better with a quieter dog or cat. Information is always important, and knowing better the Read more

Are There More Intelligent Cat Breeds

Some cat lovers have very clear preferences when choosing their animal. The size and color of eyes not only influence when bringing a new cat home: Apparently, some think that there are more intelligent cat breeds than others. Are we talking about a mere opinion or is there some proven data behind? Ways to determine the intelligence of a cat In general, not too many studies have been carried out Read more