What Makes Your Cat Happy

You are wrong if you are one of those who think that only with water and food makes your cat happy. To feel comfortable, energetic and healthy, despite their more independent character, felines also need to play, have fun and enjoy in the company of their owners.

To learn a little more about the things that really make our little cat happy, we will see some practical tips below.

Good nutrition makes your cat happy

All cats, whether mixed-race or defined race, need to receive complete and balanced nutrition to be happy. From their daily diet, our cats get the necessary elements to generate energy and strengthen their immune system. In addition, your food should contain the essential nutrients to improve your muscle and bone mass.

It is also essential to respect the amounts and daily intakes appropriate to the size and age of the pussycat. Generally, feed manufacturers include daily dose indications in the packaging of their product, but it is best to consult your veterinarian to establish an ideal amount according to the needs of the animal.

If we exaggerate food portions or treats, we favor the development of an obesity picture. Overweight cats become less active and may have symptoms of tiredness and depression. On the other hand, obese minions become more prone to numerous diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Cats with allergies, kidney problems or other health conditions should adopt a special diet. A feed inadequate in these cases, can severely harm the health of the animal and become lethal. Following the recommendations of your veterinarian, it will be possible to choose an ideal feed to preserve the good health of your pussy.

Hydration should also be reinforced.

The relationship of felines with water has generated many stories, legends, and anecdotes. But the fact is that cats need good hydration to stay healthy and happy.

Poor intake of water imbalances the levels of fluids and electrolytes in the body of cats. In addition, it directly affects the metabolism and renal functions, which severely damages the health of the pussycat. Therefore, it is essential to leave fresh and clean water at your disposal, throughout the day.

What to do if a cat does not want to drink water? In these cases, the best solution is to supply this minimum amount of liquids through your diet.

In addition, we can moisten the dry feed of our pussy with water or warm chicken broth. It is also possible to offer a homemade and natural white diet to your cat, consisting of meat, vegetables, and fruits.

An enriched environment stimulates your pussy

The accelerated pace of current times makes us always in a hurry to fulfill our responsibilities. Among other things, this means that our pussy workers will probably have to spend many hours alone at home.

If we do not offer toys and other stimuli, our cat will become sedentary during our absence. As a consequence, we can observe an increase in weight and the development of behaviors derived from stress or boredom. Also, cats that do not exercise during the day will be more active at night and will not let their masters sleep.

An enriched environment is essential to stimulate our cats and keep them active during our absence. Currently, there are various scrapers, simple or interactive toys, and intelligence games ( puzzles ) designed for cats who spend a lot of time alone.

Your presence makes your cat happy

While toys and accessories are excellent allies, your company will also be essential to make your cat happy. Felines need to interact with their owners, receive their love and feel that they are important in their life.

A cat that feels abandoned may have symptoms of depression and stress or become aggressive in relation to other people or animals. Although they may not seem so, they are social animals and do not lead a life alone.

To offer a happy and healthy life to your pussy, it is important to reserve a few minutes of your day to enjoy with him. It is advisable to use your favorite toys to create a fun moment that allows you to exercise your instincts, have fun and feel loved.

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