What to Do If You Find a Litter of Cats in the Street

Lactating puppies are the most vulnerable animals we can find in our streets. However, knowing how to act on time if you find a litter of cats in the street will allow them to survive and become affectionate and homemade adults.

Breeding times

Although cats can get pregnant at any time of the year, the great times of heat are at the beginning of spring and autumn. Of these two periods, no doubt, in which more births occur is in the first quarter of the year.

Thus, between March and May, hundreds of kittens are born in the streets of towns and cities. With the CES methods, we try to stop the reproduction of stray cats, but as long as these initiatives do not expand, and as long as there are abandonments, births continue to occur.

It is important to know what to do if you find a litter of cats in the street, but prevention is even more important. Sterilize your cat, even if it is homemade: if you go for a walk or get lost for a few hours, you can leave pregnant or be pregnant by surprise.

To prevent this situation, you can also collaborate financially or as a volunteer in protectors who are implementing CES methods –  capture, sterilization, and release – or present projects of this style in your town hall or local government.

Wait for your mother from the litter of cats

However, as long as all the cats in a colony are not sterilized, they will continue to reproduce. Therefore, if you find a litter of cats in the street, the first step is to wait for your mother. Streetlife is hard, but while they are infants, nobody can take care of them like their mother.

He watches the kittens for two or three hours, as his mother walks away a few times a day from them to hunt and do their needs. Hide or stay away a few meters, because if you are by his side his mother will not dare to become visible.

When kittens are puppies they need to eat every three to four hours, so their mother should take no more than that time to return. Therefore, if the hour’s pass and the mother do not return and, above all, if the puppies begin to call her and do not appear, we can say that they are orphaned puppies and they will need your help to get ahead.

Despite this, if it is clear that the puppies are abandoned (they usually appear in cardboard boxes with blankets), you don’t have to wait for the cat. There are still unscrupulous people who leave entire newborn litters and separate them from their mother.

Caring for nursing cats at home

When you pick up a litter of cats that was born on the street, the first step is to provide them with heat. When they are very babies, they still cannot regulate their body temperature and are likely to be cold. Before feeding them for the first time, put them in a crib with blankets and a hot water bottle.

Lactating cats do not need much attention. When they have a few days or weeks of life they still do not walk or play, so you just have to give them the bottle with special milk for kittens (never cow’s milk!), Help them make their needs and provide them with heat and a place to sleep.

Weigh them at least once a day to make sure they are getting fat and growing, and follow their appetite and stool carefully: they are a great indicator of their health.

When they are stable and taken care of at home, you should visit a veterinarian. In addition to finishing making sure they are healthy, it will help you determine their exact age, will help you deworm them and solve all the doubts you have.

Get in touch with a protector

You can also contact a protector. They are used to raising bottle kittens, and they could even help you financially get the milk, pay the vet or any other expenses that the puppies cause.

And also, when they start eating solid and are ready to be independent cats, they can help you manage their adoption and find a family forever as long as they don’t leave them again.

Litters of orphaned cats on the street cannot survive without your help. In exchange for spending a few weeks, they will become independent felines prepared to be happy throughout their lives with a definitive family.

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