Which Is the Quietest Cat

Before adopting a pet, it is important to ensure that we welcome an individual who can get used to our lifestyle. A more dynamic person, who enjoys an active routine, may prefer a more energetic dog or cat.

On the contrary, a person with less time available or a lover of calm usually gets along better with a quieter dog or cat. Information is always important, and knowing better the personality of different races can help us adopt an ideal partner.

What are the quietest cat breeds?

For those who plan to adopt a new partner, we propose to know the most docile and calm feline breeds. Of course, we must consider that the behavior of each animal depends on education and the environment to which it is exposed.

American shorthair: the quietest cat

According to many experts and passionate owners, the American shorthair is the quietest cat there is. This breed stands out for its balanced temperament, for its high sociability and the extreme fidelity to its relatives. Also, thanks to their docility and patience, they are considered excellent pets for children.

Although they enjoy the games very much, American shorthair cats are usually calm and require simple care.  Now, the affection and the company of their tutors will be indispensable to give them a happy and healthy life.

The chantilly or tiffany cat: a true cuddly

The chantilly could share the first calmer cat position with the short-haired American; Despite not being a very popular breed, his personality is charming. It is a docile, affectionate and curious feline, but without being mischievous or hyperactive.

It is a very receptive race with hugs and caresses for its high level of sociability. A chantilly cat usually learns easily and his character is excellent for training.  Its coat requires certain care to stay clean and healthy, avoiding the formation of knots.

Burmese cats: beautiful and sleepy

Burmese saints are also excellent companions for those looking for a calm and sociable feline. These cats have an extremely docile character and usually enjoy long daily naps.

As this breed arises from crosses between Persian and Siamese cats, they inherited a privileged beauty. Also, they exhibit a very special and charming character, which mixes the main characteristics of their ancestors.

The Somali cat: a ‘champion’ of sociability

Somali cats stand out for their level of sociability and their very docile and balanced character. It is one of the few races that shows great ease and openness to meet new people and animals. These cats enjoy spending long hours sleeping or resting in the company of their human friends.

Maine coon: the ‘affectionate giant’

The Maine Coon is among the most popular giant cat breeds of our day. Despite their imposing size and physical structure, these pussies are very calm and affectionate.  One of its most peculiar characteristics is that they tend to be very entertained with water.

It should be noted that Maine Coon tends to be more active at night, especially when they are puppies. Therefore, they must live in an enriched environment, where they can spend energy during the days and let us rest at night.

Persian: the classic affectionate cat

The Persian is the most popular cat in the world, for many decades. Such success is not by chance: these cats love not only for their beauty but also for their calm and docile personality. A Persian cat is faithful to its masters and is usually very patient with children and other animals.

Abyssinian cats: playful, but calm

Abyssinian cats are one of the symbols of ancient Egyptian civilization. It is a cheerful and playful breed, which loves to play, but has a tame and balanced character.

Abyssins require simple care with their hygiene and with the maintenance of their fur. Therefore, their need for attention may request more time from their tutors than other races.

Ragdoll: a very relaxed animal

Ragdoll means a rag doll. These lush pussies are so relaxed and calm that they can sometimes look like stuffed animals.

Although they enjoy playing with other pets and their human friends, ragdoll loves a good nap. Also, they are very intelligent and easy to train, so they can learn various tricks and fun tasks.

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