The Cat Islands in Japan

On the coast of Japan there are a few islands with many more feline than human inhabitants: are called cat islands. They are very prominent tourist destinations, but they may not be as happy as they seem at first glance. We invite you to meet Aoshima, one of the cat islands in Japan. Where the cat islands are located Aoshima is one of the best-known cat islands in Japan. Only Read more

The 5 Most Majestic Cat Breeds

Cats are much appreciated both for their curious and independent personality and for their elegance. The athletic and aristocratic aspect of certain breeds leads many owners to go to hatcheries to have the perfect pet. These are the five most majestic cat breeds. The Bengal, an exotic feline hybrid The International Feline Federation (FIFe) classifies this breed in category 3. It is the result of a  cross between a domestic Read more

How to Care for Cats in a Colony

Cats that form colonies live in the streets of all cities. They help control insects and prevent rat pests, but in an urban environment, they don’t get all the food or protection they need. If you want to take care of cats in a colony, we give you a few tips: The importance of caring for cats in a colony Contrary to what many people believe so that the colonies Read more

5 Movies About Cats

While dogs are more frequent on the ‘big screen’, we can also find movies about cats more than interesting and entertaining. Whether cartoons or felines ‘of flesh and blood’, we tell you what are the films that you can not miss. What movies about cats are recommended? The pets can star in thousands of adventures in the presence or absence of their owners. Therefore, these films about cats are ideal Read more

Is It Really Possible to Train a Cat

Cats are very independent animals. His curious and fickle personality can test the patience of the first-time owner, who may think that training a cat is an impossible task. We clear up any doubts that may arise in this regard. Learn to recognize your cat’s moods Cats communicate in a very different way from people. Dogs, for example, will have no problem communicating what they want and how they want Read more

How to Prepare the Arrival of a Second Cat Home

When it has been decided to take a second cat home, it is important to organize a healthy transition for the first pussy that was already there. In general, cats are independent and territorial animals, who tend to take care of their spaces with zeal. Thus,  the arrival of a new member must be a slow and planned process. The help that pet owners can offer will be key to Read more

What Makes Your Cat Happy

You are wrong if you are one of those who think that only with water and food makes your cat happy. To feel comfortable, energetic and healthy, despite their more independent character, felines also need to play, have fun and enjoy in the company of their owners. To learn a little more about the things that really make our little cat happy, we will see some practical tips below. Good Read more